Photography Helen Norman

We all yearn to live more fully in the moment. To look inside ourselves for life’s answers and live colourful, creative lives with courage, purpose and connection.

It's the reason I created Maison Rêve. After building a successful Marketing career in my 20's and 30's, I couldn't understand why I still felt unfulfilled no matter what accomplishments I achieved. Inspired by the simple values passed down to our family by my Suisse French mother while growing up in Montréal, one day I left my career behind to find myself.

My personal journey started after rearranging a room one rainy Sunday in my San Francisco apartment. I had this desire to create more white space -- space for life to just breathe and for me to live in the moment. This single act helped shift the energy of my space, and my life. My vision is to inspire our American culture to slow down and shift our values. To live more fully in the moment. And pass this lifestyle on to our children.

I hope you join me on this journey to White Space Living,


About White Space.

White Space. Time to just be, not just do. Enjoy the moment, not stress over our ‘To Do’ lists. Laugh. Read a good book. Cook with our kids. Explore. Give. Know our purpose and live it with passion. 

White Space moments are those ordinary moments in everyday life that can bring tremendous joy. The hard part is we often overlook them while being human doers instead of human beings. But slowing down, simplifying, and living in the moment is something we’re all yearning for.

Take time to enjoy the moment everyday. Reconnect to yourself with a White Space getaway at our Maison Rêve Carriage House Retreat. Explore our vintage finds that encourage you to start a new passion. Be inspired by our newsletters filled with creative White Space Living ideas.

Photography  Clay McLachlan

Photography Clay McLachlan

About Maison Rêve.

Maison Rêve is renowned for creating these unique spaces.  Graceful, weathered character to match an individual Soul. Clusters of vintage objects to inspire a new passion. Repurposed architectural pieces to blossom creativity. Monochrome color schemes to relax the mind. Fresh seasonal elements to connect with nature. All reflecting a simpler lifestyle.

About Yasmine.

Founder and inspirer, Yasmine McGrane, is a published writer and has been featured in national publications including Country Home magazine and Better Homes and Gardens. She is currently writing her first non-fiction book about her journey back to White Space due out next year. She lives in Old Town Sausalito, California (the beautiful seaside town over San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge) with her Australian husband, David, and their two small children Finnegan and Delphine. Their 1893 Victorian farmhouse reflects the essence of Maison Rêve.