Want to EXPERIENCE what a woRLD
fueled by compassion looks and feels like?

It can take just 3 minutes!  Here's what I do. 
First, believe a world fueled by compassion is possible.  
Then imagine people acting compassionately to one another.  

You may see people talking with one another, not staring down at their smart phones, while in line at the coffee shop.  

You may see a mom asking questions about someone's opinions and cultures that are different from hers simply because she wants to learn something new and interesting today.  

You may envision a little girl smiling at the person serving her a meal at the restaurant, looking them straight in the eyes and with a big smile saying "Thank you very much". Then seeing him smile back for being noticed.

Let your mind expand to see a world filled with compassionate acts.  Feel the energy that travels through your heart.

When we visualize it in our mind, we are half way there. 

The second step to make this vision a reality is action. As you go about your day, find ways to create simple acts of compassion. Moments fueled by compassion are easy, fun and POWERFUL. Not only will they fuel our world one day, but they start by refueling us as individuals today. We begin to feel more alive, connected, joyful. Our hearts radiate and attract people to us. The ripple of compassion we start flows out to more and more people.

Soon, we all can't imagine living any other way.    

Little by little, moment by moment,
we shift our world to one fueled by compassion.  

Get started now by reading these fun YMoments.  

We can join together to create a more compassionate world. Remember compassion is powerful and flourishes fast. In a rapidly divisive world, compassion is a key to opening minds and understanding one another.

Let's do it - TOGETHER.