Maison Rêve IdeaStorms

At Maison Rêve, we believe that the designing required to turn a house into a home should ideally come from the people that actually live there. It should be a fun, pleasurable journey. Yet over a decade of talking with Maison Rêve customers, we often heard stories of how stressful and costly it was instead - many just didn’t know where to even start.

This sparked an idea - Maison Rêve IdeaStorms.

Where to start shouldn’t be by mirroring the pages of a home goods catalog or a designer showroom. Trying that, we find, often feels like something is missing. The “je ne sais quoi” that reflects your values and personal style doesn’t get a chance to bloom. In France, this often comes out organically when a person is joyfully connecting with their home.

A home should feel alive!

Homes that feel alive have a way of inspiring you to enjoy meaningful moments and ignite your passions. Here’s how. Picture a surfboard hung on the wall reminding you, “Hey, it’s Friday! That means the end of your week, time to put that phone down and ride a wave.” Or vintage suitcases by your bed whispering in the morning, “What new place in this wonderful world do we want to explore together this year?” Sometimes inspiration comes in little things, like a clustering of weathered paint brushes in a recycled can that nudges you to paint on Sundays, simply for pleasure!

scandinavian dining.jpg

Beloved homes tell the story of the people that call it “home”.

Sounds great, right! But the question remains, how do you get there?

Again, from our experience, all you need to start down the right path is an experienced, creative guide.

They can give you the spark to see it to fruition. They can help you sift through myriad ideas, landing on the ones that are the brightest, and help you make the most of limited time. They can pass along some decorating basics, and point you towards insider resources and secret stashes of amazing finds. Maybe you simply need to tap into someone else’s creative energy to get your project off the ground - wouldn’t it be great if someone could be there for you for that too?

That is where a Maison Rêve IdeaStorm comes in.

We’ve designed them to do all of the above - to meet your needs simply and easily while also being affordable and yes, a pleasure! You invite our Maison Rêve Design Guide into your home, and like a great rain storm (something Yasmine loves), lots of creative ideas are unleashed all at once.

Room by room, they flow. It’s like a fog lifts and you’re left refreshed, with a clear vision of your dream home and the life you want to create. Don’t be surprised if, like many clients, you find it to be more than simply a decorating exercise, but something of a life change, too! It’s because a Maison Rêve IdeaStorm clarifies your core values, which serve as the rudder for the direction of your life.

Yasmine is a breath of fresh air. She has an artful design eye that brings to life gracious and relaxed rooms. She sees the small details that will make all the difference in the feel of a space. She is a joy to work with and creative in finding affordable ways to achieve results that are personal and comfortable.
— Susan Gladwin, grateful IdeaStorm client, Mill Valley, CA

The 7 ingredients of an IdeaStorm package:

  1. DESIGN GUIDE - Six hours of design time with nationally recognized stylemaker and Design Guide, Yasmine McGrane (1 hr prep, 3 hrs @ your home, 2 hrs post planning). If you live outside the San Francisco Bay area, or simply have limited time to meet in person, Yasmine does many IdeaStorms remotely by Skype and digital photo exchanges.

  2. PREP - Access to our Maison Rêve Design Brief. Created to organize your ideas and capture your values, lifestyle and design needs all in one place. Yasmine reviews the brief before your visit, making your time together much more productive.

  3. IDEAS - After you purchase an IdeaStorm and schedule your visit, Yasmine meets you at your home for 3 hours. You receive our Maison Rêve Design Kit and review it together before doing a room-by-room walk through, brainstorming ideas and making decisions. Yasmine is an expert at this rapid fire, spontaneous creative process.

  4. KIT - Because we believe everyone is creative, IdeaStorms are intended to bring out your inner creativity. Our Maison Rêve Design Kit helps you become that artist you were born to be! Beautifully packaged with our signature simple, french-living style, each kit contains a white Maison Rêve notebook, clipboard, measuring tape and pencil to record ideas.

    It also has a curated Maison Rêve Resource Guide listing our recommended suppliers (from paint colors to rug makers to bed sheets, it’s got it all!) After 15 years in the design business, this curated list will save you significant time and money, often paying for the IdeaStorm in the first couple purchases.

  5. GO TO BOOK - You also receive a hard copy of the new design book Modern Farmhouse Style. Featuring Yasmine’s living room on the cover, this design book has over 250 tips from Yasmine and other top designers (want to know the 4 best way to hang art, simply turn to tips 7-10 and never stress about this task again!). It will be your go-to guide as you joyfully decorate your home.

  6. DESIGN MAP - After your visit, and all the ideating, Yasmine creates your own Maison Rêve Design Map. This unique tool captures decisions room-by-room so you have it all in one place. It also includes a custom Pinterest board to visually represent the ideas. Our Design Map will get you enjoying the process of creating your dream home.

  7. VINTAGE! - a favorite bonus among her design clients, Yasmine will often email clients first when something special comes in. You’ll be first to know about vintage treasures even before they are uploaded to our Vintage Shop. Just exploring these inspiration pieces will ignite new creative passions.

Yasmine is a gem! It’s so rare to find a designer who is able to tap into the way you want to feel in your home, extract from your well of spiritual and emotional dreams, and translate into tangible recommendations. Her process is the perfect balance of business-oriented efficiency and free-form creativity. My home now looks, feels and breathes like the space I can love and grow with. Thank you, Yasmine!
— Whitney, happy IdeaStorm client, Mill Valley, CA

A Maison Reve IdeaStorm costs $600

Yasmine only does 3 appointments per month, so space is limited. Once booked, Yasmine will contact you within 48 hours with your Design Brief and next steps. If you have any questions about IdeaStorms, simply email Yasmine.

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