We all know modern living is challenging. Not enough time, too much going on, life is overly complicated. It seems as if "busyness" is getting in the way of living the life you'd love to live, right?

You'd rather your life conjure up images of simplicity, calm, joy. Surrounded by natural beauty while still connected to modern essentials. Time to sit at an outdoor cafe and leisurely connect with a friend, without screens. Fridays marking the end of a work week, and the time to laugh and break bread with family and neighbors.

Gone would be that overwhelmed, anxious feeling of trying to keep up with technology demands, over-scheduled kids activities and a picture perfect home. Instead you, and others you live-and-work with will put more importance on the things that really matter. We all want that. I get it, and can help you live it.  

My name is Yasmine, and I was swept up in all the confusion and stress of modern living for too long. I yearned for simplicity, then, thankfully, I remembered my roots.


I had learned so much about how to live a simpler, joyful lifestyle hanging on my mother's apron strings. She is Swiss French and was actually raised in an orphanage during WW11. This taught her to count her blessings, keep things simple, and appreciate what matters.

And she loooooved to cook! Food always meant so much more than just sustenance to her, it was the way to bring family and friends together!

I adored hearing her hum French songs while making supper. I think she sang simply because it made her happy. As a busy mom myself now living in San Francisco, I started wondering, "Why can't we all have more of that?"  We can. 

Add more joy to modern living now with this  In the Moment  article from my home to yours.

Add more joy to modern living now with this In the Moment article from my home to yours.

That’s why I created Maison Rêve (means Dream Home in French). It’s where I'm going to help re-teach you how to live the life you'd love to live - full of joyful inspiration, where time is made for what really matters. 

Curious? Intrigued? Inspired? Then let's get started! Sign up and receive Maison Rêve ideas and tips now.

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