Oo la la! Our first Maison Rêve book is in the works. Yasmine shares her personal story as a little girl with her signature two braids and red ribbons sitting in the back seat of her family’s station wagon as they drive away from their home in Montreal, Canada and cross the border into what her Pakistani father lovingly calls “the land of more opportunity”.

As she turns to look out the back window to her magical world of ever falling snowflakes, she has no idea how her journey will change. Quickly feeling the energy of fast-paced American life, she too steps onto the treadmill rising to the top of her career ladder as a young adult.

On paper her life is the American dream. But inside, she carries a deep knowing that she’s lost herself somewhere along the way.

Unsure how to find it and still keep up with everyone else, she simply runs faster.

Until one rainy Sunday, she remembers the simple French inspirations her Suisse-French maman used to do that brought so much pleasure to ordinary tasks. As she starts doing them as a way to feel happier, these simple pleasures set her on a path of rediscovery.

While roaming a local antique market at dawn one morning, she sees a discarded sea glass bottle hiding between a stack of antique books. In that discovery, she finally understands what she’s been yearning to know for decades. And begins to create an authentic life filled with passion, joy and purpose.

If you yearn to slow your life down and take the path to finding your creativity, this book will ignite that fire.


Filled with funny, relatable moments and struggles, you will cry one minute, laugh out loud the next. You’ll hold her hand and explore the meaning of life together, from her time as a single girl in the middle of San Francisco’s crazy dot com boom searching for love in all, yes all, the wrong places.

To her next chapter as a mom on-the-go trying to push a baby stroller in one hand and pull a vintage cart at the Paris flea market in the other. Or maybe, just maybe, you will hear your own deep yearning to reclaim your life during the moment she looks out from the back of an ambulance onto a sea of bright white car lights racing by, wondering how in the world to slow it all down.

Yasmine’s passionate determination to help everyone see themselves as “creative people” will have you marinating over what you value most and reconnecting to your passions. Her practical French-inspired tips are so easy and fun, you’ll be enjoying a life filled with pleasure in no time.


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