At Maison Rêve, we're going to get you to where you yearn to be - living the life you'd love to live.

It's not any one single thing that will get you there - it's a whole bunch of little things combined. But trust me, it will be fun.

It starts, not surprisingly, with something incredibly simple - I call them my YMoments (short for Yasmine Moments). YMoments are delivered to your inbox twice a month after you sign up

Each email has one simple inspiration to creating the life you'd love to live. They take less than 5 minutes to read, are visually inspiring, and are a refreshing counterpoint to your fast paced week. 

Through YMoments, I'll teach you how to create a home you love to come home to. I'll pass on my secrets to cooking what's in season (while you hum with your apron on because it's so easy!) 

I'll motivate you to sip your coffees at cafes without guilt. Or dawdle on a refreshing walks in the woods with a friend. I'll remind you why making time to read good books is so important to keeping your curiosity alive. Inspire you to connect with people, away from a screen, each week. Get up to watch the sun rise or stop to smell the fleurs.

I'll nudge you to develop new rituals like breaking bread with friends on Friday nights (and laugh until your tummy hurts) as a healthy way to end the work week (yes a work week should end!)

Living in a modern world doesn't have to be quite so stressful. Infusing simple joys with YMoments will keep that skip in your step and swagger in your derrière! Join me in creating time to do more of what we love each day...