White Space Your Life.

Owner and Founder, Yasmine McGrane, is a professional interior designer and life coach. Over the past 15 years, she has worked with many customers who want to slow down and fully enjoy the ordinary moments of everyday life.

The Maison Rêve White Space Living method is a revolutionizing 10 step journey done through Skype with Yasmine and clients around the world.  The intention is for people to bring forward their authentic nature and express it daily.  Often this starts by finding your inner "home" and expressing it in your exterior physical home.

The journey starts by Yasmine leading clients through a guided meditation helping them outline their Reve (dream) life.  A list of 5 values are created that become the rudder to steering through simple and complex life decisions.

Clients then create a vision board which gets developed into a White Space life plan. Stagnant energy, furnishings and relationships are let go to allow more White Space and new opportunities to grow.  So its not just about decorating or furnishing a home, its about changing the energy and intention to match your vision.

The cost is $150/hour with a discount for 8 hours or more. Typically, it takes a client 8 hours to complete the 10 step process and mindfully select any new furnishings for their home.

Maison Rêve has a curated list of organic, sustainable and stylish products for clients to select from (e.g. rugs, curtains, bed linens, pillows) and much more. This takes the stress out of looking at endless options.  We also have a curated inventory of one-of-a-kind vintage flea market finds.  These objects can inspire a person to act on their purpose and passions as identified during vision boarding (e.g. an antique typewriter on your office desk for the amateur writer, colorful vintage garden sheers for the budding gardener, antique rolling pins for the hopeful baker). Clients often get to view new vintage arrivals before purchased by the general public.  Rummage through current selection.

Start White Spacing Your Life today.