I see a world where every adult can finally see what a child does every day, the miraculous joy, power and inner peace found in ordinary moments.
— Yasmine McGrane

What can help us get there?  White Space.

White Space is open space in our homes, in our minds and in our days
so we can connect to the present moment, do more of what we love and
live each day filled with joy and compassion.

White Space moments are ordinary experiences in everyday life that bring tremendous joy.

Want to know what it feels to live with White Space?

You have time to just be, not just do.  You enjoy the moment, not constantly stressing over your ‘To Do’ list.  You laugh often.  You do things you love like reading books and cooking with your kids if you want.  You explore your creative interests knowing how important it is to the world for you to share your gift. You stop and enjoy a tea without checking emails or texts.  You are compassionate to others because it feels great and gives you happy energy.  You know your life's purpose and live it with passion.

Sounds great right!  Most of us want to live this way. The hard part is we are living more and more like human doers instead of human beings to keep up in today's fast paced world. Yet, slowing down, simplifying, and living in the moment is something we yearn for.  

Here's How I Create White Space.

While we need white space in our minds and in our daily schedule, I find it best to start by creating it in our home.  It physically shifts energy and quickly shows results.

Your goal is to create open, uncluttered places allowing your soul room to breathe.  For me, when my home is cluttered and feels draining, my life reflects the same. When my home is inspiring, filled with lightness and lots of white space, so is my life!

Step 1:  de-clutter rooms removing things that bring your energy down.  
Most of us have way too much stuff.  What we keep in our homes should give us positive energy. I find it best to start with a room that is easies to declutter and refresh in one day. That will give you energy to do the next rooms.  My favorite book on this subject is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo.  Read it if you can. Then ENJOY the process of creating white space.  And set a timeline like one month to white space your home.  That way you get it done and can start enjoying more joyful and compassionate moments.

Step 2:  practice mindfulness.  
Organize areas in your home to make life simple and pleasurable. This will naturally support your goal to slow the fast pace of life down. What I do is choose monochrome color schemes to relax the mind.  Then add fresh seasonal blooms each week (can simply be a few fallen branches you find on a hike) to connect your soul with nature. I also create simple areas for daily meditation or yoga practice.  All these efforts reflect a mindful lifestyle with white space in your mind to think and create.

More White Space Tips.

  • Meditate daily.

  • Look people in the eye when talking.

  • Say hi to a stranger every day.

  • Believe you were born with a higher purpose.

  • Ask yourself 3 essential questions: Who am I? What do I want? What is my purpose? Trust a higher force will bring you the answers.

  • Look for signs pointing you to fully express your higher calling. Then enjoy the journey.

  • Eliminate physical and emotional clutter. Keep things that bring you positive energy.

  • Use vintage treasures to inspire your passion.

  • Honor time to refresh your mind, relax your body and be creative.

  • Be compassionate by seeing the world through another person's eye.

  • Teach children they are perfect just the way they are. Let them see your eyes light up when they walk in the room.

If you are feeling totally overloaded, depressed and stressed out, perhaps reading
my journey back home to me will lift you up.