Yasmine's 5 Minute Dinner Party Ritual


Have you ever woken up Thanksgiving morning looking forward to a blissful day filled with great food, family and football, only to end up so stressed out you want to throw the turkey out the kitchen window (or at some random loved one)?

Don't be hard on yourself, it happens.

Here's a little trick to avoiding this stress. Don't invite Perfection to the party. 

Even if you don't see yourself as a perfectionist (hard to do when you actually are one ;-), you probably still hold an idealistic imagine of how Thanksgiving should be. From kids lovingly playing board games to the entire family toasting world peace. We all have an image in our minds of the perfect day.

But then unexpected change knocks at the door. The guests are late. The turkey burns on top. Nothing is hot by the time people sit down to eat. The kids keep running around the table asking when dessert is coming. The list goes on.

Instead, toss your idealistic Thanksgiving image out the window. Replace it with this ritual.

Carve out 5 minutes that morning you can spend alone. During this time, do something you naturally love doing while picturing simple things you are grateful for.

For example, I love setting an inspiring table. So while the family is watching football waiting for the guests to arrive, I arrange flowers in vintage vases while thinking about the little things I'm grateful for. 

Like the leaves changing colors outside. The sound of children laughing. The clinking of wine glasses when toasts are made. The twinkling holiday lights I'll soon get to see around town.....

I keep the ritual to 5 minutes so it's simple and pleasurable (and to be honest, doable before one of my kids yells, "Mommy!").

Spending this happy time alone fuels me with the energy I'll need later when things start falling apart. As stress bubbles up, I simply picture my ritual and feel grounded and peaceful again.

Give it a try. It may save your beautiful turkey from taking flight! 

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Happy Thanksgiving friends!