Skip Away Stress

Life in America these days often feels chaotic. Simply listening to the news can send our stress soaring. 

One of the best ways I've found to process chaos is experiencing the complete opposite: something so simple and child like it immediately replaces rising stress with happy energy.


OK, hear me out. Did you ever skip as a kid? Floating up and down, swinging your arms side to side. Just thinking about it can make us smile. You have to wonder why we stopped skipping as adults.

Imagine our entire country skipping instead of staring at smart phones or watching the news so much. People skipping to the coffee shop. Skipping to their cars. Skipping around the office. Skipping to pick up the kids at school.

Well chaotic times require drastic cultural change. Time to skip. 

Start by setting an achievable goal, like "skip ONE block, one time this week." I've found it enough to knock out a few days worth of stress.

If you decide to skip when your kids are with you, have fun with it! Don't tell them your plan, just break out into a skip. They might laugh and join in! Or they might be so worried you have finally lost it that they tell you to stop embarrassing them completely.

But keep swinging those arms people. Secretly, they will be smiling inside. They may even remember this happy moment the rest of their lives.

If other adults on the street see you skipping, keep your smile on and chin up. I like to look for any autumn leaves changing colors to keep my focus. Then take this opportunity to start a revolution in America! Yell out to remind onlookers that skipping is currently free to everyone in our great country and something we can all do together. Maybe they will skip right then and there.

WARNING: If you are about to delete this email because that voice in your head is saying, "This is crazy thinking, I have no time to skip! Does she not know what is on my To Do list?"

I get it. My list is down to my ankles. But let's at least try it in the privacy of our homes. Skip from one room to the next. I bet you will come back to all those important tasks with renewed energy and creativity. 

If this YMoment made you happy, please share it with friends. Let's shift the energy in our country, one skip at a time.

Skip to my Lou, my darlin'