Fall Into Winter Reading

Photo by Ben White

Photo by Ben White

Is your mind drained by the incessant flood of information these days? Want to escape from that constant onslaught and return happier and refreshed?

Winter is a great time to reboot our minds ...with a good book. I know, it seems odd to add more information when we already feel overloaded, but here's the thing - it works.

Think about it. In ancient times, winter was often when people stayed in by a crackling fire with their books, as snowflakes fell outside. There were no texts pulling them away from the pages. No television playing in the background to distract them. They had uninterrupted time to escape to a far off land with a great novel or to float while reading poetry.

So in these last few weeks of winter, take a few moments to enjoy that experience.

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Winter reading is a compassionate gift we give our minds. Allow yourself to fall like a snowflake from the sky onto the pages of a good book. You deserve it.