Believing in Peace

Photo by Ian Schneider

Photo by Ian Schneider

Wonder why our country can't stop bickering and be a more peaceful place to live?

If we looked in the hearts of many Americans, I believe we would see something similar. A collective yearning for peace. Most people want it so badly we could scream!  

But don't scream, create!  Create space for peace to grow.

This Wednesday is International Women's Day, a time to celebrate respect, appreciation and love toward women around the world. Whether you are a man or women, we can use this moment to express the powerful feminine energy rooted in this day to begin to transform our world.

Forget the pressure of doing something big. Often transformative shifts happen when lots of people take small steps in their own lives. They are easy and sustainable, so we repeat them.

Here are a few ideas. Listen to someone speaking without interrupting or looking down at your phone. A peaceful world needs active listeners. Offer someone waiting in line that seems in a hurry to go in front of you. A peaceful world calls for natural acts of kindness without judgement. Create your own "peace march" by taking a walk outdoors, then use this time to think of ways you want to express compassion all year.

Let's act on our collective yearning for peace. Small, sustainable acts ignite similar reactions in others. Soon many of the important policy issues we are all fighting for start finding creative solutions because the barriers to collaboration are lower and we innovate as one country striving for a more peaceful, compassionate world.