You Are Enough

Photo by Roberto Nickson

Photo by Roberto Nickson

Do you believe it?  

If you want to know for sure, try telling yourself, "I am enough. I have enough."  Now listen to what happens in your mind.

Do you start to hear "Yeah, I'm enough, but I still need to get through all those emails/save for retirement/declutter the pantry... then, I'll feel good and can enjoy life more"?

If so, then you might be believing a myth.

You see, we are all born believing we are good enough. It's inside every baby and a thread that connects us as human beings. But at some point something else kicks in - maybe our consumerism culture - and tries to convince us that being good enough is not inside us, it's actually out there in the external world. Our job is to go get it. But hurry, because there isn't enough for everyone. Go, go, go!

This current flows through messaging everywhere. It often motivates us at a very young age to keep achieving, keep producing, keep wanting more, keep searching. Endless. Exhausting. Never enough.

It's a myth, and it's time to challenge it head on. 

No matter what our external life circumstances are -- whether we are poor or rich financially speaking -- all of us are good enough.

Start from that knowing - picture that "good enough" feeling inside of you. I am a visual learner, so I picture it as a powerful white light inside me. I tell my kids they have a white light inside them. That it's not "out there". Its inside and no person or life experience can turn it off.  Eject the "You are not enough" tape running on continual loop in our minds. Insert the "I am enough, I have enough" tape.

For example, when you wake up, rather than say, "I'm so tired. If I only had a few more hours of sleep I'd feel good." say "I have enough." You can always try to go to bed early another day, but this morning, you have enough. The old tape makes you feel more tired. The new one makes you feel lighter, more energetic.

Then if you want to change or strive for something in your life, go for it! It's a good thing. But you will enjoy the journey because you are motivated from a healthy place.  A place where you know you are good enough, that you matter. And your inside light will glow.

We all want to create a more compassionate world. To make it happen, we must question cultural myths and shed light on truth. I believed this myth for decades. It sent me climbing up mountains, always searching. Here's my story. Feel free to tell yours or share any comments here.

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