Hold a Hand

Photo by Elizabeth Tsung

Photo by Elizabeth Tsung

We humans are so fortunate. We can walk and hold hands! 

Such a simple thing. But look around. You may notice fewer and fewer people holding hands. It's like we've traded human hands for smart phones. Yet this one act can lower stress and bring joy to all the cells in our body. 

I recommend starting with your spouse or partner. If you haven't held hands in a while - all of us busy parents know too well that hands are often needed for dishes, laundry, catching baseballs - the thought alone might feel awkward.

Let humor help. Try telling your spouse, "OK I have a HUGE life changing question I need to ask you?"  With their attention peaked, ask "Do you mind if I hold your hand?"  I have a feeling you might get a smile and a hand.

Another option is the plunge technique. Take a deep breath, smile, and visualize yourself being courageous and powerful. Then grab their hand. This one experience might put marriage therapists out of business.

You can also grab a child's hand to get going. Be ready though, kids like swinging hands. Practice it with a child, then apply the swinging technique with your spouse. You will exude so much happy, romantic energy, couples who see you may also start holding hands on the spot (similar to what happens when you see someone yawn). Congrats! You have now started a hand holding revolution.

If you don't have any hands to hold in your immediate circle, no worries my friend. Do you shake hands with people at work? If so, put your second hand on top and hold for 1 extra second. I love doing this as the energy between both people shifts. It pulls us into the present moment where we notice one another with eye contact, turning the transaction of shaking a hand into a meaningful exchange.

Or offer your hand to an elderly person. Especially good if you want to release lots of stress in one go and ignite your compassion.

Join me in holding a few hands this week!
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