Spring Clean Your Mind

Photo by Filip Mroz

Photo by Filip Mroz

Living in our modern, high-tech world often leaves our minds feeling cluttered and overwhelmed. Good news, spring is here! Just like the benefits of spring cleaning our homes, we need to first spring clean our minds.

I call this process finding "white space". To me, white space is magical and I can't live without it. It's when all the information cluttering my mind is filed away and I'm able to see life clearly again. Creative ideas come easy, decisions are faster and I live more compassionately. 

I have three tips to finding white space.

First, leave ALL electronics behind (this includes listening to music). Second, go outdoors. This season is calling us outside - birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, sun-rays glistening on water. It's like being part of a natural symphony of light and joy, perfect for white spacing. And lastly, do it alone. While taking a long walk chatting with a girlfriend is great, it's the time spent with ourselves in nature that allows us to hear our own voice again and see creative ideas clearly.

So if you live by the water, maybe get up early one morning and kayak. Take an early evening hike while the sun sets. Surf some waves. Bike into work. Daydream in a meadow. It doesn't have to be a huge commitment, one hour is enough time to fall peacefully into white space.

Refreshing your mind will leave you happy, creative and productive - ready to take on your week. 

I talk more about white spacing your home and life here if you are interested in learning more. Also, please share any comments with others below. I love reading your ideas!