Cross the Bridge

Photo by Jake Melara

Photo by Jake Melara

This is the month graduates around the country walk toward the next chapter in their lives.

From toddlers in nursery schools holding their first little diplomas to our youth in universities proudly wearing caps and gowns, every child has a moment at graduation where they fill our world with more hope.

Each school has their unique ceremony and rituals. At my children's elementary school, all the parents spread picnic blankets on the campus's rolling lawn facing one thing: a portable 10 foot bridge our Head of School brings out for the Crossing of the Bridge ceremony.  

Class by class, each teacher calls up their students. Inspiring words and songs are shared, then their teacher asks them to cross the bridge, symbolizing the passage to the next grade.  

I like to put my blanket close to the bridge. If you open your heart wide enough, you can feel the powerful force that radiates from each student on that bridge.

I think it's so moving because each child is not alone on the bridge. It's like they have this invisible cape on their backs that carries all the love they got and get from parents, caregivers, teachers, neighbors, grandparents, shop owners, coaches, siblings and so many more. This cape becomes a force that illuminates the children and propels them toward hope.  

So if you helped even one child this year - from your own children to a child you don't even know, say, cross a street safely - you are on someone's cape.  

Especially if you are a Mom. Think about all those times you packed a snack, washed a soccer jersey, read your child's favorite book over and over (then heard "again again Mommy!"), put on a bandage, drove a minivan with crazy kids, gave a hug and wiped a tear, sent a care package to college....or simply looked a child in the eyes when they walked in the room so they could see your eyes light up. The list is endless.  

It's important we honor being on the cape. Maybe when you travel over a bridge this month, smile knowing you did good. If you are hiking and come across a bridge, walk slowly to refill yourself with the hope radiated back from all the students.

The children need us as a community to be the force behind their backs. No one in this world can do it alone. It takes a force to cross a bridge. Today more than ever.

Thank you for being on someone's cape.

Is there someone you know that is on a few capes? Send them the link to this YMoment to say thanks! You can also share your good wishes in our comments section below.