Dance in the Street

Photo by Dora Lovey

Photo by Dora Lovey

Inspiration for this YMoment came while watching a French movie.

The leading man, a Parisian with a bold desire to live in the moment, sits at a café sipping a glass of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. He is listening to his American friend, a beautiful woman, talk about all the things in her busy life that make her feel needed now that her daughter has left for university. But he senses a yearning under her surface to feel more alive.

Finally, in his deep French accent, he poses a question that stunned both that character in the movie, and me:

"What makes you dance in the street, my dear?"

For the rest of the movie, as the views of the French countryside roll by, my mind could not stop wondering, "What makes me want to dance in the street?" Was I just like that lady, staying super busy when what I really wanted was to dance more? How would I know if I didn't ask the question?

Knowing what makes us dance actually makes us better people, better parents, better colleagues. So let's pause to ask the question. Then go about our week and see what bubbles up.

What would make you want to dance in the street? Maybe it's something you loved when you were a child, or a passion you discovered later in life but haven't done in a while. It could be something new you've always been curious about trying. But there it sits on your bucket list waiting patiently for the day you notice it again.  

When I asked myself the question this picture appeared. Simple, I know, but also a little intimidating. Could I do it, could I try something completely new like learning to play an instrument? Let me tell you, if I can do that, then you can do anything my friend! I hope my guitar story inspires you to ask,

What makes ME dance in the street?

If this YMoment resonated with you, like it below and share what makes you dance! Sometimes simply sharing it becomes the spark that brings it to life.