Have You Ever Screamed in a Bookshop?


Bookstores are great for escaping the “busyness” of daily routines and rebooting our minds. Both my kids and I love them - we roam with no purpose, no cell phone, no time constraint. But they are reverential places, almost like a library or a cathedral, so not a lot of screaming usually goes on.

Last week, my son Finnegan asked if Delphine and I were up for stopping by Diesel, a favorite independent bookstore. I started in the Cooking section, as always. The moment I breathe in all the beautiful cookbook covers I feel refreshed and detached from my long To Do list. 

Next, I felt the desire to explore Interior Design for decorating books about vintage flea market finds - one of my creative passions. One title, Modern Farmhouse Style, was in the middle of the shelves, its cover facing forward.  I thought, “Boy, do I love that vintage table. Cool concrete modern fireplace… wait a minute…that table, where have I seen it before? Did I sell it to a customer years ago at my vintage home store Maison Rêve?”

After a few blinks, I see it (yes, get ready, here comes the Mommy scream). "OMG! Finnegan, Delphine come quick! It's our living room on the cover!" Soon the three of us are sitting by Diesel's cozy fireplace having fun finding all the pictures and tips from our home in the book. "Look! There's my art hanging from clothespins" spotted Delphine. "That’s us at our dining table" grinned Finnegan.

Country Home magazine published Modern Farmhouse Style.  I have created many stories for them over the years, offering decorating and lifestyle tips to infuse a simpler, French-inspired Maison Rêve way of living into our fast-paced, modern world. I just didn’t know they had put them all in one book and we'd be on the cover!
So here's my point. Sometimes when we put our phones away, slow down and refresh our minds, life can bring us wonderful little surprises. We do it in bookstores. What’s your go-to?

Oh, here’s another idea. If you want to do more of what you are passionate about, and less busyness, a secret is to use soulful, vintage finds as your inspiration pieces at home. Here are my 5 easy steps. Trust me, they work.

There are lots of ideas in Modern Farmhouse Style from me and other Vintage designers (the book has over 250 decorating photos and tips). I hope you enjoy it.

So take a moment this week to slow down and refresh your mind. You never know what might make you scream!