White Space Inspirer: Julia Adam

Over the years, I've met amazing people living in their own way the values of Maison Rêve's White Space Living:  Creative.  Passionate.  Mindful.  Giving back to the world.

Julia Adam is one such woman.  For 14 years, she was a principal dancer for the San Francisco Ballet.  Now as full-time mom she is creating a revolutionary experience that will unplug us from our busy lives and fully immerse us into White Space on at a Boathouse.

My friend Kaoruko recently introduced me to Julia.   When she rang me, her energy was palpable, "Yas, you must meet my friend Julia.  She is doing all the things we talk about when describing White Space Living!"

Immediately intrigued, we set up a White Space exploration day with all our kids up at the project location:  Brock Schreiber Boathouse perched on the edge of Tomales Bay in Pt. Reyes National Seashore.  If you live in the San Francisco Bay area you probably recognize this serene site with its weathered painted letters on the side "LAUNCH FOR HIRE."  Many weekends I have driven by this soulful place with admiration and curiosity.  It was a treat to finally go inside and feel its energy.

Julia's BoatHouse Project is an annual event launching July 4th, 5th and 6th designed to appeal to all our senses.  She will orchestrate a fusion between dance, music, location and community to connect us deeply with people and place through visceral experience and art.  This artistic venture is centered on Julia's Dew Point, a work conceptually driven by themes of water.

Every night local chefs will provide food and drink from the region.  The weekend culminates with a gala event at the Boathouse where a rustic farm-to-table meal will be served.  Guests will enjoy desert on the dock while the stage is set.  As the performance begins, sun setting on the bay and rolling hills provide a stunning backdrop.  After the performance, enjoy life music, dancing and waterside bonfire.  Dancers, patrons, musicians, chefs, servers and crew will all connect as one community, while the evening plays on.  I cannot wait to go!

Experience it yourself, buy tickets now before it sells out.  Until then, let my daughter Delphine and Kaoruko's daughter Ella take you on a sneak peak inside The Boathouse.

Ella (left) and Delphine (right) excitedly take you inside The Boathouse.

Ella (left) and Delphine (right) excitedly take you inside The Boathouse.