10 Ways to Live Like a Child Again

If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right.” ~Bob Basso

A big part of White Space Living is feeling free, innocent and joyful like children naturally are.  Here are our top 10 Ways to Live Like a Child Again.  Try 1 or all 10 if you really want to feel what it was like when you were 5 years old!

  1. Break the Rules.  Play the music loud.  Jump in a puddle. Scream out loud how much you love life before you get into your car every morning.  Try it!

  2. Play.  Try something new.  Never kayaked?  Rent one.  Never learned how to do a cartwheel? Let a kid show you.  Always want to slide down a Slip 'N Slide?  Do it with your kids this summer.  Or sit on the plank of a dunking machine like I did last summer at my son's local soccer fair.  This is one you don't overthink, just get on that plank!  The kids (and you) will not stop laughing every time they hit the target and you plunge into the cold water!  Talk about the most spiritually cleansing experience EVER.

  3. Make a mess.  Get the finger paints out and go for it.  Run right into the waves at the beach, giggling with your hands waving.  Then make the biggest sandcastle EVER. 

  4. Life is meant to be shared.  Have people over for supper.  But don’t clean the house.  Leave it just the way it is.  Don’t cave at the last minute and start tidying. Guests will find you more relatable and feel more at home.  Trust me.

  5. Sing.  While showering and driving, sing LOUDLY to your favorite songs. Even when you don’t know the words. Make them up.

  6. Smile and Laugh.  Smile at EVERYONE you meet and laugh (yes, out loud) when something is funny. Pick one day this week to do it and see how you feel at the end of the day.

  7. Climb.  Get off the ground and climb a tree.  A hill on a hike.  A rock.  Kids love it because it elevates our adventurous spirit.

  8. Notice Nature.  Watch a butterfly go by. A bird flying to a tree.  A tree branch moving in the wind. Then say one simple word, out loud like children often do, “WOW!”

  9. Treat yourself. Enjoy a warm, cheeeewy home baked chocolate chip cookie.  Don’t feel guilty, smile and enjoy each bite.

  10. Skip.  All the way from your front door to your car.  Come on, you might start a movement in your neighborhood!