Finnegan's Fresh: Cooking with Poisson

My son Finnegan inspires me every day in the kitchen.  Since he was five, we have enjoyed creating simple dishes and exploring new foods.  Today after school we stopped by a local fish market, Seafood Peddler, and he picked out some petrale sole, oysters, shrimp and one special crab cake for his little sister Delphine.  Dinner was fresh, simple and delicious!  We hope you and your kids have fun watching these 3 videos.

Look out for more Finnegan's Fresh episodes on the new Maison Reve TV YouTube channel early next year.  Chef Finnegan hopes to inspire other children to fall in love with cooking.  He will also unravel the mysteries of getting children to try all sorts of food and will provide healthy cooking tips for both parents and kids.  Yes, you too will soon become the sous chef in your own kitchen, I promise.  Bon Appetit!