Welcome to YStories + YMoments!


It's Yasmine.  

You may remember me from our chats when you came by my French home and garden shop in downtown Mill Valley called Maison Reve.  You may also remember receiving my emails with creative ideas if you were on my Maison Reve customer list.  

But I haven't reached out to you in a while.  So you probably don't know that my business is changing, and so is our world. I still love collecting vintage treasures and have a great online shop for you, but I've also created something new to go with it.  It's something I am very passionate about...and hope you are too.

With all things new, I’m feeling those butterflies inside from both the hope and the fear – so please bear with me.  Since life is about leaping in, here goes!  

Do you feel like our world is becoming more divisive and fearful, but know it can be different? Read on. Do you feel like your life is crazy busy, so you long for the feeling of being alive and carefree that you felt as a child? Then read on.  
I feel the same. So I'm on a mission to inspire us all to live more compassionately, moment by moment – in fact, I want to help create a world fueled by compassion.    

It all started when I noticed how the power of compassion made me instantly feel more alive, connected, joyful. I noticed that it had the power to actually shift the energy between me and the person I was talking to, leaving us both feeling more energized.   

I also learned -- often the hard way -- that feeling like this didn't mean I had to add a big project to my overloaded To Do list. It was more simple and fun. All I had to do is create little moments of compassion. They all add up!

That's why I've created YMoments. An email delivered to your inbox once a week with one inspiring way to create a moment of compassion. It takes a minute to read but can ignite a spark inside that changes how you enjoy your entire week.  

Once a month, I'll include a YStory, too - a quick, real life story that can help you slow the pace of life, so you can uncover your unique, creative passion and reconnect to your life's purpose.

So join me in creating a world fueled by compassion for us and our children. We CAN do it together.  

To receive your first YMoment next week, sign up now. Give it a try. Who knows what might happen....