Sausalito Caroling Jangle


Want to fill your heart with holiday joy? 

If you live in or around Sausalito, California, join us for our 4th Annual Caroling Jangle! Sunday, December 17, 3:00-5:00 pm

Here's the official Evite. Everyone is invited and no talent needed!

Simply print your Song Book and bring it with you (it's a great collection of all the holiday classics).

Now, want to know how this all got started? Here's my YStory....

One of my favorite holiday memories growing up in Montreal is being at home while my mother was cooking a big stew in the kitchen when all of sudden I'd hear the faint sound of jingle bells and singing in the distance. 

I'd run to the window and peek through the curtains and falling snow to see carolers coming to our door! I felt so lucky. We'd open the door as the cold winter wind flew in with the music. For a few happy moments, we'd all smile and be filled with joy. Then they were gone.

I'd always wonder, "Who were these happy people?" With childish optimism, I assumed every child in every town around the world had these people coming to their doorstep. Never once did it phase me that this didn't happen. 

When I became a mom, living in the picturesque town of Sausalito, California I was most excited for Christmas to hold my newborn son, Finnegan, when the carolers came. But no one showed up. Maybe I missed them? But next year, no one came. Or the next.

"Where were these happy people?" I wondered. I figured maybe caroling just didn't happen anymore.

Fast forward seven years. Our family was attending a holiday event at the historic Sausalito Women's Club when a bunch of women started circling around the piano singing holiday carols. Immediately, I became that little girl peeking through the curtains at the carolers. Finally I had found those happy people.

Soon Finnegan (now seven) with his holiday cookies in hand made his way to the piano to watch the women sing. One lady gave him a song book so he joined in. I almost started crying watching my son, shoulder to shoulder singing with 15 beautiful elderly women. It was like he was being embraced by a group of loving grandmothers. The extended family I so missed in my life.

The women were loving it, Finnegan was loving it. He quickly helped take the lead and was reminding the ladies when to turn the pages and announce the next song for the pianist.

In that moment, I knew we had to start caroling in town. Kids need to see happy adults singing.

So a week later, I dragged my husband and two children to downtown Sausalito with our holiday song books in hand to sing. Filled with confidence, I was ready.

I quickly realized though how much courage one needs to start singing even Jingle Bells in public! Thank goodness for my Australian husband (Aussies are always willing to jump off the cliff aren't they) who started the first song with me Away In a Manger. 

Quickly people stopped and asked for a songbook to join in. My brother and his family were in town and his wife Alison (who grew up singing carols with her mother) was helping us stay in tune. Within an hour, everyone was laughing and couldn't stop singing.

That was four years ago. Every holiday, more and more people show up to sing. Even tourists from all over the world walk stop to listen.

We even had a proposal. One year, while belting out Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, a young couple from New Zealand got so inspired, the boyfriend knelt down and surprised his girlfriend with a marriage proposal (she accepted with tears rolling down her cheeks) as he swung her around. We quickly serenaded them with Silent Night to go with the magic.

So print this Song Book and come carol. You'll leave with a full heart and connected to the true meaning of the holidays.

Fa la la la la,