My Winter Reading Ritual

Photo by Aga Putra

Photo by Aga Putra

During winter, I like to nest indoors with a good book. And these last few weeks of winter, where the air still has that crisp chill, is the perfect time to enjoy one last good read knowing that spring is about to bloom in my garden and I will spend more of my days outdoors. 

This year in particular, with the flood of information during our national election on top of all the emails, text and daily routines, I really need a good book to reboot my mind.

One thing that motivates me to slow down and read is the special ritual I've created around winter reading. After putting the kids down to bed, I leave my phone in another room (otherwise I know I'll check it constantly). Then, I make myself a cup of tea or my current go-to: a few slices of fresh ginger root in my favorite vintage cup then pour on hot water - that's it! It's simple, soothing and a great way to protect against colds.

Suitably prepared, I curl up with a wool blanket before falling into my book. Ahh! I already feel lighter and happier just thinking about it.  

If you need a book recommendation to get going, I'm loving The Course of Love: A Novel by Alain de Botton right now. The words float across the page, so romantic and uplifting. Just what my mind needs right now. 

Or if you want to explore amazing personal growth titles, check out the favorites from my book club at the bottom of this YStory.

I hope you have a winter reading ritual that is unique to you. If not, create one if you like. The simpler the better. Having a ritual will inspire you to turn the television off, put the phone away, stop folding the laundry.....and refresh your mind with the magic of a good book. OK off to make a cup of ginger tea....