Edible Flower Tea

Photo by Ornella Binni

Photo by Ornella Binni

My new favorite way to relax is making a cup of edible flower tea.

It's so simple. Boil water. Grab your favorite vintage tea cup, yes I think a special vintage cup makes a big difference because it supports a sustainable world (vintage things are about reusing and recycling).

Add a few slices of fresh ginger root or mint leaves or juice from half a lemon to the cup.  Go with your mood. Pour in hot water. Then drop a few edible flower petals on top from your garden. I love German chamomile (shown above). Voila!  Super simple I know, but that's the point. Simple means I do it often.

Here's a nice list of edible flowers. Remember this not just a treat for us, it's good for our world. For when we take time to notice and enjoy our blooming planet, we release positive, compassionate energy into the world. This helps create a world - that I believe one day - will be fueled by this compassion.