What Makes Me Dance?

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

I recently asked myself a question that I heard while watching a French movie,

What makes you dance in the street?

It struck a "chord" with me.

Very quickly, a familiar picture, one that I had forgotten about for decades, surfaced in my mind.


It's one that used to come to me in day dreams. In it I am sitting with my friends around a campfire. Everyone's sipping drinks and telling stories. Kids are roasting s'mores, laughing.

Then, and this is the crazy part, I reach behind me in the picture and grab my guitar - yes, the same girl who has never held an instrument in her life - and strum. I not only suddenly know how to play, I actually perfectly play Stairway to Heaven. Everyone smiles. Pure magic.

Then, in the middle of my daydream, right on queue, just while I'm smiling and feeling good, FEAR raises its anxious head to remind me, "You're crazy Yasmine! It's too late to learn an instrument. You're a responsible Mom for heaven's sake. Leave it to the kids to play music."

But this time, I was done with fear.

I had asked the question with bold curiosity, and that alone gave me the courage to do what my own children often do. Ignore fear and its bloody rumblings.

So three weeks ago, I had my first guitar lesson. There we were - our inspiring music teacher Emilie Rohrbach, my two kids and I in a circle at home learning the C and G chords.

I cannot describe the wave of joy and curiosity that's come over me since then. I feel like I opened the door to a whole new planet where artists and musicians live, and I never knew it existed! Every song I hear now is like looking through a kaleidoscope for the first time. 

Yes, my fingertips and brain are hurting, and I have to fit in weekly practice (right now we're learning She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5, how fun is that!) But all I know is I'm dancing in the street and LOVING every second!

I feel like a better wife. A better parent. A more alive person!

So....what makes YOU dance in the street?

Go on, ask it. Remember, if I'll be playing Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin one day around a campfire, you can do anything.