LM French Bakery

Little Minou: Explores a French Bakery

Fresh baked bread.  Croissants with butter and jam.  Madeleines and palmiers.  Galettes made from fruits de saison.

Wonderful memories of my childhood.  So when I travel to France, one of the things that quickly brings me into the present moment and living like a Parisian is going to a local bakery.  Perhaps it's because my French mother always loved to take me to her beloved bakery where we grew up in Montreal.  She would call out my nickname Minou Minou (and endearing French name for kitten) and I would come running to hear her say, "Little Minou, would you like to join me at La Pâtisserie de Pierre?"  Mais oui, Maman!" I would exclaim.

My mothers eyes would light up as we walked hand in hand to the shop.  Our pace increasing as we came closer.  When we got to the entry, she would always stop, take a looooong, deep breath in to smell the fresh baked bread in the oven.  I loved looking up and watching her in this moment.  Eyes closed, smile ever so slowly forming on her face.  I remember gripping her hand tighter in this moment.  Her energy seemed to get lighter and lighter like a pastry puffing.  Sometimes I thought she might fly away like a balloon if I didn't keep her down.  She so loved sharing this experience with me.  It was our special treat.

So I carry on this White Space tradition with my own children.  I make sure to hold their hands as we stop in at our favorite local bakery Cibo in Sausalito.  Then puff light a pastry.  Just like my Maman.  On special occasions, we get to experience the smells of Poilâne on Rue du Cherche-Midi in Paris.  There you really do risk flying away to heaven.  Here are some photos of our last visit.  Finnegan and Delphine's eyes light up every time I remind them about their biscuits.  Take a deep breath and enjoy a White Space journey to Poilâne.