Are you running on a treadmill exhausted from trying to keep up with the fast pace of life?  Do you want to enjoy your day more but feel overwhelmed by your "To Do List"?  Do you want to share your creative gift with the world but have no idea what it is?  Are you struggling to find time to figure it out!

Get ready to feel alive,
connected and joyful.

Ancient cultures knew the magic of storytelling to teach, heal and inspire change.  Stories help us connect to our hearts and physically shift energy.  

In our modern world, life has often become so busy that we don't use their power and wisdom much anymore.  But stories shared can transform us from human doers to human beings again.

While you sip your coffee or afternoon tea (yes, we should all stop for tea), why not treat yourself to an inspiring story.  

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They're simple, fun and inspiring ways to live with passion and compassion. I make them that way because my mother, who is Swiss-French and was brought up in an orphanage, taught me that the easier and more pleasurable things are, the more likely we will do them!  It's that simple.

YStories will:

1. Ignite a spark in you to leap into your life.

2. Show you how to create "white space" necessary to reconnect to your creativity.  

3. Clearly help you see your passions and interests.

4. Walk you through practical steps to living your dream life, a life filled with joy, creativity and compassion.

The best way I can describe the "alive" feeling I hope you will get from YStories is the energy you might have felt as a child doing something exhilarating.  

Like on rainy days, did you ever rush outside in your favorite rain boots to leap into puddles, laughing nonstop?  I did!  

Well, that's the contagious, giddy energy I'm talking about.  So get your boots on.  

Time to leap into your life again!