Maison Rêve means Dream Home.

~established 2002 ~

The story of Maison Rêve started with a simple idea Yasmine had on an Autumn day in 2002 - to inspire the joy of authentic, uncomplicated French farmhouse living, right here in here in her community of Marin. So she left the internet start up world and opened a little home and garden shop in downtown Mill Valley, CA. That shop blossomed into a vibrant community hub for home design, workshops, and lots of conversations and friendships with locals.

Soon Maison Rêve created stylish home rentals in Marin - retreat spaces for locals, their families, and the community to enjoy.

Today, Maison Rêve still means Dream Home. We just help you find yours.

Discover a joyful and refreshingly different real estate experiece with Maison Rêve.

Why Clients Choose Yasmine.


Design Expert.

Better Homes & Gardens once named Yasmine a National StyleMaker for helping to pioneer the now popular Urban Farmhouse style in 2002.

She can see potential in any home that others may miss. Her clients rave about her design skills, positive energy, and ability to help them visualize their dreams in a new space.

Yasmine has deep and broad experience renovating properties across SF & Marin which helps her clients get their homes looking their very best & ready for market.

Yasmine and David McGrane
Sausalito, CA

Smart Negotiator.

Yasmine has a proven track record as a strong and smart negotiator. In a past role she was VP of Olympic Games Partnerships for Bank of America, negotiating with the IOC among others.

As a VP with several internet start ups in the 90s she single handedly negotiated the largest internet partnership deal at the time - enabling her company to launch its IPO in 1999.

The ability she has honed to listen to all parties' needs and find creative solutions means everyone wins - especially you!

Yasmine and David McGrane
Sausalito, CA

Local + Trusted.

Marin + the Bay Area have been Yasmine’s dream home for 25 years. It was here that she founded the nationally acclaimed home design business, Maison Rêve.

She’s a trusted community leader serving on several local boards including Sausalito Marin City School District, Marin Girls Softball and Sausalito Beautiful.

Her extensive list of friends + contacts makes all the difference when it comes time for you to market your home, or to learn about dream homes not even on the market yet.


"Yasmine’s ability to visualize your dreams in a space is amazing!"


"Yasmine is an absolute Force of Nature. She has boundless energy, passion, creativity and commitment. Whatever it takes she'll get it done."

Did you know?

Yasmine is one of only 2% of all REALTORS® in the State of California and Marin County that holds a Green-certified Designation by the National Association of Realtors.