Maison Rêve Knows Marin. Discover Your Dream Community.


Seaside artistic town by the Golden Gate

Maison Rêve’s Favorites:

  1. Sunrise Paddleboard
  2. Sunset picnic at Rodeo Beach
  3. Dinner at Angelinos, Fish, Joinery, Bar Bocce, Sushi Ran
  4. Kids day at Discovery Museum
  5. Cavallo Point massage, drinks at Farley Bary

Mill Valley

Charming town under the Redwoods

Maison Rêve’s Favorites:

  1. Outdoor lunch at The Depot
  2. Picnic under Redwoods at Old Mill Park
  3. LIVE Music at Sweetwater
  4. Artisan scones at Flour Craft, MV Lumber Yard
  5. Date night at Buckeye Roadhouse (reserve FP table)


Waterfront town with majestic Bay views

Maison Rêve’s Favorites:

  1. Friday night downtown music and stroll by boats
  2. Outdoor drinks with friends at Sam’s Anchor Cafe
  3. Ferry to Angel Island for family picnic at Ayala Cove
  4. Meet up with friends at Tiburon Tavern or Salt & Pepper
  5. Outdoor meditation at Audubon Sanctuary

Marin City

Artistic, rich culture leading social justice and climate change movements

Maison Rêve’s Favorites:

  1. Kids Camp w/Play Marin or Hannah Project
  2. Uplift your spirit with Griot Theater performance
  3. Picnic with moms and kiddos at Rocky Graham Park
  4. Hike and bike to the Headlands
  5. Expand your soul with visit to MC Arts & Cultural Center


Quaint foodie town at the foot of Mt Tam

Maison Rêve’s Favorites:

  1. Coffee chat with a girlfriend at Equator
  2. Enjoy Marin Country Mart’s Farmers Markets + Food Trucks
  3. Independent film at Lark Theater
  4. Saffron-Honey French Toast at Farm House Local
  5. Explore new releases at Book Passage


Lovely community with easy commute to SF

Maison Rêve’s Favorites:

  1. Friday dinner at Guesthouse Marin
  2. Delicious breakie at Half Day Cafe’s outdoor patio
  3. Bloom a new hobbie w/a College of Marin class
  4. Lobster rolls & Slingshot at Guesthouse’s bustling bar
  5. Meditative walk w/the pooch thru Hal Brown Park labyrinth

San Anselmo

Quintessential small town in heart of Marin

Maison Rêve’s Favorites:

  1. Chinese chicken salad at Comforts Cafe
  2. Hike trails at Sorich Ranch Open Space
  3. Friday family night out at Creekside Pizza & Tap Room
  4. Date night vino tasting at Jillie’s Wine Bar
  5. Yummy brunch at M.H. Bread & Butter


Luxurious town with tree-covered hills and expansive estates

Maison Rêve’s Favorites:

  1. Romantic dinner at Marche Aux Fleurs
  2. Stroll though Marin Art and Garden Center
  3. Afternoon tea at Crown & Crumpet
  4. Farm-to-table pie at Tony Tutto’s (bring kids+dogs!)
  5. Hike around Phoenix Lake or King Mountain Loop


Artistic, sustainable-minded, small-town

Maison Rêve’s Favorites:

  1. Enjoy ice-cream delights at Scoops!
  2. Lunch with a girlfriend at Amélie Cafe
  3. Delicious Indian food at Café Lotus
  4. Vintage rummaging at Beach House Style
  5. Couples cocktail night at Stillwater

San Rafael

Urban + suburban living infused with arts and culture

Maison Rêve’s Favorites:

  1. Sunday stroll at Civic Center Farmers Market
  2. Explore WildCare with kiddos
  3. Mommy break at Fox & Kit
  4. Picnic at China Camp State Park
  5. Sip local beer at Pond Farm Brewery


Scenic town near wineries and boutiques

Maison Rêve’s Favorites:

  1. Brunch at Rustic Bakery
  2. Wine tasting at Trek Winery
  3. Explore MarinMOCA
  4. Go mushroom foraging!
  5. Horseback at Morning Star Farm

Stinson Beach

Tranquil beach community wrapped in sunrises

Maison Rêve’s Favorites:

  1. Weekend beach picnic with friends
  2. Nature walk at Audubon Canyon Ranch
  3. Whale-watch at Point Reyes Lighthouse
  4. Veggies at Gospel Flat Farm Stand, Bolinas (great inspo!)
  5. Bangers and Mash on lawn with friends at Pelican Inn

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