Bonjour!  I'm Yasmine. 

Welcome to my French-inspired lifestyle blog, Maison Rêve (dream home in French).  You'll find inspirations and tips to create a life filled with simple pleasures. I have 3 ways to get inspired: 1) YMoments, 2) vintage finds and 3) Instagram.


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Feel like you're on a treadmill trying to keep up? When all you want to do is be more creative, feel more alive, regain control of your life?  But how when there's so much to get done each day?  Mais oui, I understand!

As a busy mom on the go, I often felt the same. Some days I could barely breathe. Forget about being creative and enjoying life! I'd promise myself I'd do that once everything was crossed off my To Do list. But years went by, and life just got, well, busier.

Until one morning, I decided enough. I had to leap back into MY LIFE.

That week I treated myself to a few French-inspired pleasures I learned as a child. They were so fun and easy, I kept doing them. In a few months, my life was less about lists and emails, and more about laughing, creating, living. Really living. I felt alive! I walked with a French girl swagger. I felt radiant, curious, brimming with joy and new ideas. It happened so fast, I couldn't believe it. 

Soon friends secretly asked what I was doing. I shared these simple pleasures and saw how they had a similar affect on them. A few girlfriends asked me to email them an idea for that week. I happily did and voila, that's how YMoments (short for YasmineMoments) came to life.

If you'd like to learn how YMoments work and how to get them, read this. Here are some recent ones. I hope they spark your curiosity.

Vintage finds inspire creativity.

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